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Be Published in Paradise with SeaStory Press

Publishing with SeaStory PressSeaStory Press is a collaborative, subsidy publishing house specializing in small press-run books by local authors. Our mission is to produce books about the Keys/South Florida, by area authors. We are structured so that the authors may retain the greatest possible profit from their works.

The SeaStory difference: 100% Royalty. Author retains possession of books.
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SeaStory will design and print your book and assign an ISBN number. Your book will be listed in the library and booksellers' reference: "Books in Print." Your book may appear on this website with basic information about price, format and topic . You may include an e-mail link at no additional cost.

SeaStory Press will print any size press-run

Call or e-mail to decide which is right for you.

Book design and production includes:

Publishing services:

Optional services, subject to separate agreement between author and publisher

What is Subsidy Publishing?

There are three ways to get your book into print: commercial publishing, self-publishing, and subsidy publishing. What are the differences? In most cases you retain copyright to the original work, but you may not own rights to the book produced from your work.