Journeys on the Grassy River

[excerpt from the introduction]

The Everglades issue from the great cyclopic eye of Lake Okeechobee in the center of the state of Florida and flow about 100 miles to Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, dropping a bare 20 feet in elevation but spreading up to seventy miles in breadth.


I sailed from California to Florida in the mid-80s and had no idea about the unique system of animals, plants and geography of South Florida. This is from my travel journal on my first visit to Everglades National Park:

"...By the second day, I saw it: as immense in its way as the redwoods or the columns of Bryce canyon, the sawgrass owning the trailing edge of the continent, embellished with distant stands of slash pine and dotted with the islands-on-islands of hardwood hammock. I stop to watch an egret hunting, the wind ruffling his neck feathers. Hawks and vultures ride air currents against a god-huge acreage of clouds."

It amazed me, seduced me, won me, and filled me up to bursting with poetry. I've been returning and visiting in all seasons and I have not yet run out of poetry. This volume was written mostly camping in the park, but also in other spots along the highways between Key West and Okeechobee. The water of the Everglades flows out to the gulf, the Keys, the reef and beyond, and so do these poems. It flows also from my own eyes in awe at the majesty and beauty, and in fear for its fragility and in mourning for what has already been lost. I hope these songs will sing in other hearts and inspire and lift and proclaim the message of how important it is to preserve this miraculous land.
Please join me on a journey down the grassy river.
Sheri L. Lohr

60 pages; 6 x 9 inch hard cover; $15 US plus $3 shipping.

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