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  • Santa's Key West Vacation
  • Trinidad Joe
  • 2007
  • $12.95
  • Perfect bound
  • fiction, short stories, children
  • ISBN978-0-9799474-0-7

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Master storyteller and poetry slam champion Trinidad Joe weaves an amusing tale. Santa, the hardest working man in the world needs a vacation. Key West, here he comes! Mrs. Claus, the elves and their pets are here too. Who did they meet in Key West?

* Travel around the world with Santa.
* But first, the elves are hosting the "North Pole Games." Every kind of little person in the world is invited: dwarfs, leprechauns, even pygmies and more.
* Where did the elves come from?
* What are their names?
* What did Santa get for Christmas?

If you ever believed in Santa, you will again!

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