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  • While You Were at the Office
  • George Thoman
  • 2007
  • $15.00
  • Perfect bound
  • fiction, short stories
  • ISBN978-0-9768370-9-1

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“…but what else have we but memories? For all life is divided into two parts: anticipation and memory and if we remember richly, we have lived richly.”

Louis L’Amour

George Thoman is a man who has lived richly, and he has the stories to prove it. A retired New York cop, he tells his tales as you might expect to hear them in a friendly local tavern, or at a neighborhood backyard barbeque. They are memory and fiction and something in between. They are funny and frightening and sometimes surprisingly philosophical, but always entertaining. Hop in the squad car with George; it’s a ride you’ll never forget.