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  • From Ashes to Gold
  • Devon Hamilton
  • 2007
  • $9.95
  • Perfect bound
  • biography
  • ISBN978-0-9768370-7-7

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Devon Hamilton was born in humble circumstances to a large farming family in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Born with a disability and orphaned young, his early life was challenging but he faced it with courage and faith. He overcame obstacles, learned a trade and found employment in the cruise shipping industry.

This autobiography is told in Devon’s own words, in the rhythms and language style of his native island home. It gives insight into the lives of real people of this beautiful though economically disadvantaged country. More importantly, it is an inspiring story of how an unshaken faith and hard work can bring success in the face of the most difficult hardships.

Read this uplifting story to find a source of strength, hope and joyous belief in God’s plan for your own life.