• As the mountains reckon time, they blaze
  • like geological lightning, like days
  • of mayflies among the planet’s stiffened bones,
  • racing, in the blink of centuries,
  • while the peaks, the sober Pharisees,
  • sit robed in samite on their granite thrones.
  • Violating the silence of the heights,
  • they crack as they calve, as if they laugh with delight
  • and rob the summit of boulders, like children stealing fruit,
  • and tumble them down the moraine, rolling inches in years.
  • They transubstantiate snow into stone laid in layers
  • of celestial blue, striped with ripples of soot.
  • The sky is gone ashen, and bled all its blue to the ice
  • whose fissured lips receive the ocean’s kiss.
  • Patient trees grow tall as the glacier runs,
  • and the flow pauses between advance and retreat
  • to hear the pulse the mountain’s heart will beat.
  • The mountains pause for the dance of distant suns.

Alaskan Cruise Alaskan Mountain Glacier

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